Please, no “Post Panic”…

Almost one years ago the Duch Hybrid VXF Company based in Amsterdam called Post Panic, cranked out for us a Shortfilm called “Sundays”. After they have raised enough money to produce the movie, launching a successful crowdfunding campaign in internet, PostPanic has shooted in Mexico and realized the post-production and VFX “at home” in their […]

Beauty’s contamination…and his makin’of.

Encyclopedia Pictura is a film and animation studio in Glassell Park, Los Angeles led by directors Isaiah Saxon, Daren Rabinovitch, and Sean Hellfritsch. They released a colourful masterpiece of animation as a video clip for Panda Bear called Boys Latin. A psychedelic love story. Enjoy it! Makin’of

Out of habit

Brent Bonacorso is  a visual storyteller from Venice (California). On his website he described his works and himselfs attitudes such as: “….telling transportive stories that bring us down unexpected avenues, be they beautiful, wondrous, absurd, thrilling… arriving in a place of discoveries, emotions, and connections that resonate. ” I like to share with one of […]

I fuckin’ love insects!

Ramtin Ahmadi is a super talented guy from United Arab Emirates. Sorry, I mean that he’s more than a talented boy. He’s an accurate, brilliant and excellent modeler, rigger, animator, compositor. A one man band! Enjoy that… Ah! All the process is “home made” in single desktop PC, direct in your face!!!

Let’s “Dysco”!!!

Let me introduce you Simon Russel. In my own private opinion this londoner’s guy is one of the most talented cinema 4d’s artist all around Europe. The follows work, called Disco, it’s visual representation of dub step music in a Orwellian landscape. It’s also a visual synthesizer-drum-machine for audovisuals live-set. Here you are the Simon’s […]