Polygon Graffiti: Karakuri cores

Ther Manifesto enunciate: ‘Karakuri cores’ is the second visualization in a video project called Polygon Graffiti which propose feasible visions of Augmented Reality and libration of art in all realms. By using a comprehensive and vivid form of AR the artist will be able to completely deconstruct any spatial and architectonical elements in the public […]

Science & Nature for Chromosphere

Chromosphere is a Boutique design & animation studio in Los Angeles. That’s is how they defined themselves on their on vimeo’s channel. In my opinion they are “just” brilliant an their works as so detailed to seem minimal. I really love them works. Enjoy this sample

Bleep isn’t crap

It’s for me a pleasure to review again a masterpiece done by a marvelous artist Bleep. Beeple is Mike Winkelmann. A graphic designer from Appleton, Wisconsin, US. He has also released a series of Creative Commons live visuals that have been used by electronic acts such as deadmau5, Skrillex, Avicii, Zedd, Taio Cruz, Tiësto, Amon Tobin, […]

Go catfish, go!

Psyop! Shall I add anything else? They are behind many productions, they are behind the most “clicked” Ads on youtube. Storytelling has no secret for them. Back to the future and enjoy a tip of them powerful creativity:

Processing Karma

“Greatness” was released two weeks ago by Raven Kwok entirely from a Processing code. Aka Guo, Ruiwen is an Enfant Prodige born in Shanghai in 1989. He is a visual artist, animator and creative programmer. The entire lyrics video consists of multiple variations of a customized generative system programmed using Processing. The video was realized […]