Polygon Graffiti: Karakuri cores

Ther Manifesto enunciate: ‘Karakuri cores’ is the second visualization in a video project called Polygon Graffiti which propose feasible visions of Augmented Reality and libration of art in all realms.
By using a comprehensive and vivid form of AR the artist will be able to completely deconstruct any spatial and architectonical elements in the public and private spheres.
Precise motion tracking, 3D scanning and GPS grids will enable the artist to rebuild any building or constructions and add their own personal aesthetic to it.
This may be implemented as an open source in order to let other people or self aware software’s to contribute and hack the constructions.

Influenced by the book ‘Rainbows End’ by Vernor Vinge, Polygon Graffiti from AUJIK, an esoteric sect who believes in animism and worships nature


P.S. the music comes from Christ aka Chris Horne, an early member of Boards of Canada

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