This is my personal showcase in which usually I show works, graphic experiments, design ideas, made in the last year. Find out for yourself!

“Everything you can imagine is real.” ― Pablo Picasso


What I can and what I could do to make the impossible possible.
The tools that make the artist and vice versa, just to brutalize or tame the visual grammar.
Art at the service of instruments molded from tools to the state of art but again behind  the human being and his ideas.

About Me, Myself and I...

I'm Gianluca aka oni no me

3D Generalist & Motion Designer


I'm quite proficient with

After Effects Cinema 4D 3D Studio Max Boujou PFTrack RealFlow PhotoShop Illustrator Modul8 Quartz Composer


My personal career is started roughly in the early twenty-first century as a self-taught when I discover the power of the first graphics cards applied to photo retouching.

I've studied in modeling and character design meanwhile I was graduated in as audiovisual expert 3D generalist. I've started work in a little studio as a texture painter and junior-modeler. During that time I started exploring the first technologies responsive and interactive for audio-visual live events and electronic music festivals.

At SkyTG24, Italy's preeminent all news channel, I was member of a creative team and during this experience I could sharpen my technical skills by tackling complex projects in After Effects and Cinema 4D, bringing them from concept to completion on schedule. As a designer, I have taken great care to study and hone my own vision, evolving myself as a creative. After 7 years in my current job, I've decided it's time for a career move and a new challenge..

“Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.” ― Pablo Picasso